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Chairman of the Polish Government Re-Investigation Commission of the Crash of Polish Air Force One on April 10, 2010 in Smolensk Russian Image Management by Retired CIA Senior Scientific Intelligene Officer, Eugene Poteat, LL.D Smolensk Crash Disinformation Explosives Found on the wreckage of Polish Air Force One. Coverup by Suicide Smolensk Crash Timeline Smolensk Crash Lie Exposed. Smolensk Crash Victims 9 Questions for Dr. Binienda. Polish president's security was intentionally compromised. Scientific analysis of Smolensk crash points to the invalidity of the official findings. 2014 independent Smolensk Crash Raport: What do we know about Smolensk crash today.

Secret Tapes Scandal in Poland
What do secret tapes released by “Wprost” tell about the Smolensk Crash?
SCND June 27, 2014

The tapes released by “Wprost” reveal who offered what to whom and for what. What remains puzzling, however, are portions of these recordings that concern the Smolensk crash. Thus far, two references to the crash were identified in the conversations between Marek Belka, Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz and Slawomir Cytrycki.
Tape Scandal in Poland, PHOTO by WPROST.COM

The tapes published by “Wprost” reveal who offered what to whom and for what. It remains puzzling however how these recordings relate to the Smolensk crash. Thus far, two references to the crash were identified in the taped conversations between Marek Belka, Slawomir Cytrycki and Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, all high ranking government officials.

Despite Prime Minister Tusk’s continual public offensive and an all-out “proletarian offensive” from the left-wing, government-friendly media, the scandal triggered by the release of secret tapes by “Wprost” had all but refuted credibility, sinking the Prime Minister Tusk, his administration, and the highest ranking officials in the Polish government further into the abyss of public disapproval. The Prime Minister hopes that the “Tape-Gate Scandal” will go away on its own but this is wishful thinking.

The tentacles of this scandal draw ever-growing attention from both the general public and journalists alike in Poland and all over the world on an unprecedented level. Apparently Mr. Tusk did not realize that beating-up journalists, sending plain-clothed thugs to incite fear, pacify newspapers, and undermining freedom of the press is not the best way to cover up crimes and subvert lies and corruption. This is not the best way “to make friends and to influence people,” particularly if one claims to lead a free and democratic government. It is worth pointing out that the Pope has recently excommunicated the Mafia and this mentality.

The “Tape Scandal” has not escaped the attention of the international media. The governing Platforma Obywatelska has a huge problem on their hands: How to make these compromising revelations go away? The spin-doctors are out in full-force deflecting real issues by accusing everyone except themselves of crimes because of the audio disclosures of “private” verbal “indiscretions” of corrupt public government officials. By now the finger has been wagged at just about everyone but the discredited officials. The argument is that “the thief” is indignate because he was caught trying to rob Poland’s National Bank, so let’s criminalize the witness who dared to expose it. Can this get any more grotesque? The “Tape Scandal” however, is not the only problem the Tusk government faces. There is already another foreboding storm of a larger crux encroaching on the horizon; one that for the time-being has fallen victim, or more accurately, is only temporarily silenced by the “tape scandal.” The investigation of the crash of the Polish governmental plane TU-154M has been subverted for an inordinate amount of time, following a familiar pattern of the historic Polish Katyn Massacre. Evidence has emerged that Smolensk explosives were not “disarmed” at all by an official report presented to the public by experts of the Military Prosecutor in charge of the investigation. Both the methodology of testing and the conclusions of the report have been challenged and proven wrong by highly renowned Polish professors.

While the explosives’ detection issue was temporarily relegated to the second pages, just like the “Tape Scandal,” this problem is not going away either. The detonating cord attached to the “Smolensk explosives” is no longer smoldering - it is already lit, and is slowly moving to blow up in the faces of “truth shamans” hard at work socio-engineering their masters out of this uncontainable mess. Considerable erosion of public trust in the sitting government, as confirmed by recent polls, gives credence to another tectonic shift, whose aftershock is about to be felt in Poland.

Will Mr. Tusk be able to roll-out, in time, the friendly-media firetrucks to extinguish the burning detonating cord inextricably attached to the Smolensk crash “un-explosives”? Recently, two eminent Polish chemists, Dr. Krystyna Kamieńska-Trela, Ph.D., and Dr. Sławomir Szymański, Ph.D., released their ground-breaking findlings. With utmost scientific certainty, the scientists confirmed the presence of explosives on the wreckage of the Polish government plane that crashed in Smolensk in 2010. See: “Experts Confirm: Explosives Were Found!

The secret tapes released by “Wprost” begin to shed light on the inner-workings of Donald Tusk’s administration. After physical assault on the “Wprost’s” managing editor by the government thugs, the journalists expressed their solidarity with their attacked fellow journalists and began to ask uncomfortable questions. The tapes revealed who offered what to whom and for what. What remains puzzling; however, are portions of these recordings that concern the Smolensk crash. Thus far, two references to the crash were identified in the conversations between Marek Belka (“MB” - Head of National Bank of Poland) Sławomir Cytrycki (“SC” - Secretary to the President of National Bank of Poland) and Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz (“BS” - Poland's Minister of Internal Affairs).

Marek Belka (“MB” - Head of National Bank of Poland) - Poland Tape Scandal.
Marek Belka (MB)

(SC): “We do not have a partner to talk with …”

(MB): “No, we do not [have one]…”

(SC): “Why do you have this problem? Because [Prime Minister] Tusk tossed it onto the Rostowski’s advisors.

(MB): “He does not surprise me; after all, this is something that he doesn’t know much about. However, Rostowski gives the impression that he has control over everything […] He has problems like these, you know. [Like] Smolensk, fuck it, some bullshit.”

(SC): “What does Rostowski has to do with Smolensk?”

(MB): “Well, nothing, but Tusk does.” […]

(MB): "These tenticles, into the …"

Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz (“BS” - Poland's Minister of Internal Affairs) - Poland Tape Scandal.
Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz (BS)

(BS): "Ha, ha, ha. Very good. Jeez, with this BOR [Pol. Biuro Ochrony Rzadu – Government Security Bureau]. Ah. The problem is with something else. It is not about managing it currently, but it concerns it [BOR] as an institution, that no-one had touched it in three years. Everyone who works in the BOR suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome. Let’s keep it between us, but I took 15 telephone calls from all the most important people in this country - God forbid – to harm them in any way, so my hands are tied. So, I am getting an ass-whipping for the obvious blunders of this [BOR] formation. Nobody was interested what the[ir] training looks like, how they are financed; because the Stockholm Syndrome assures passivity and symbiosis, where the facts do not count. If I was the Minister of Internal Affairs at the beginning of the four-year term, it would have looked differently, but I can not really afford deep reforms in the service whose discression counts a great deal, ha, ha, to the decision [making process in] this country, [only a] quarter-term [left] before the elections, because it is suicide, ha, ha."

What is “Stokholm Syndrome”? According to Webster Dictionary, Stokholm Syndrome is “the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.” It originated “from a 1973 robbery attempt in Stockholm, Sweden, during which bank employees held hostage developed sympathetic feelings toward their captors.

After linking both portions of this conversation and supplementing them with information provided, it is clear that:

1. Donald Tusk himself has “a problem with Smolensk.”

2. Since April 10, 2010, that is for over four years, the people in BOR have been aiding and abetting criminals;

3. For these reasons, BOR cannot be reformed, and this status quo is tolerated by the 15 most important people in the country who reject changes, because “discretion” is most important;

4. Undermining the existing political order is “suicide” for the current government of Donald Tusk. Thus preserving power at any cost became the primary objective of his administration and his party.

It is worth examining what happened with the BOR after April 10, 2010 tragedy; bearing in mind that the entire Polish highest lever governmental delegation including nine of BOR’s members died in the Smolensk crash. Also See: Lech Kaczyński's Security Intentionally Compromised (Excerpts from the Feb. 17, 2012 parliamentary proceedings, Warsaw, Poland).

General Marian Janicki, Bureou of Government Security, Republic of Poland.
Gen. Marian Janicki

Shortly after the crash, the head of the Government Protection Bureau (abbr. BOR), General Marian Janicki stated: “I have nothing to blame myself for.” So, not only that he was not charged with anything, but inexplicably, one year later he was promoted to the rank of Divisional General by Poland’s President Bornislaw Komorowski. Similarly, Col. Paweł Bielawny, who was BOR’s Deputy Chief at the time of the crash was rewarded by president Komorowski. “Job well done!” – He rose in ranks to become Brigadier General. In addition, Radosław Sikorski, Poland’s Foreign Minister, bestowed Marian Janicki with the Honorary Bene Merito medal. We can also add that Ambassador Jerzy Bahr, who was carrying out his mission on April 10, 2010, received from President Komorowski the prestigious Krzyż Komandorski z Gwiazdą Orderu Odrodzenia Polski (eng. Commander's Cross with Star of the Order of Rebirth of Poland).

This is not the end of the list of those who were rewareded “for Smolensk”. Already in 2010, Komorowski promoted Krzysztof Bendaryk, then head of the Agency for Internal Security (Pol. Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego), to the rank of Brigadier General. General’s stars were also pinned on Janusz Nosek who on April 10, 2010 led the Military Counter Intelligence Services. Among others who were rewarded for this most significant security failure in Poland’s history was also the Chief of the Military Prosecutors’ Office and Deputy Attorney General, Krzysztof Parulski, who was also involved in “investigating” the “Smolensk crash”.

It is prudent to ask why decision makers inside the BOR feel so connected with criminals and have so much in common with them that this service can not be “reformed”? Furthermore, no one is held accountable for one slip-up after another. The nation’s security is carried out in this "symbiotic relationship" with criminals and in a state of passivity, just like the Stockholm syndrome - a state of passivity of “tied up hands” that paralizes any chance of reforms.

Jerzy Miller with Russian MAK's Tatiana Anodina.
Jerzy Miller with Russian MAK's Tatiana Anodina PHOTO by AP

The recommendation for the promotion of BOR’s chief General Janicki after the Smolensk crash originated from Minister Jerzy Miller, who chaired the government’s commission for the investigation of the Smolensk crash. Janicki gained his professional training and experience to lead BOR by choffering around communist party apparatchiks who transformed themselves into post-communist business leaders and liberal politicians. When in the aftermath of the Smolensk disaster Janicki handed his resignation and left BOR, he immediately landed another lucrative position. He became a member of the supervisory board of the Krakchemia corporation, a public company engaged in the trade of chemicals. Until the end of 2013 he had served as one of the two secretaries on its board of directors. The second secretary was Rev. Kazimierz Sowa who has two brothers. The first of these two brothers, Marek Sowa, is the Governor of the Malopolska province, representing the Civic Platform. The other brother is Robert Sowa, the owner of the "Owl & Friends" restaurant where the secret recordings released by “Wprost” were made.

There is more to all this entanglement though; these dependencies are very intricately woven. The president of Krakchemia is Andrzej Zdebski who sits on the board of the Institute for Strategic Studies, a foundation chaired by Anna Szymańska-Klich, wife of the former Minister of Defense at the time of the Smolensk crash and now PO [Civic Platform] senator Bogdan Klich. These are not the only A. Zdebski’s appanges. Among them is also Chairman of the Management Board of the Krakow International Airport, whose deputy chairman is no other than the former Minister of Justice in the Platforma Obywatelska’s government, Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski. Marian Janicki recently changed his lucrative job. Now he sits on the board of Gdowo’s Public Utilities Company, an enterprise that deals with waste removal from the capital city of Warsaw.

Pawel Bielawny
Paweł Bielawny PHOTO by Nasz Dziennik

Janicki’s deputy at the BOR at the time of the crash was ‪Paweł Bielawny‬ who was served with a subopeana for "breach of duty during the visit of President Lech Kaczynski in Katyn in April 2010, and making false statements.” Paweł Bielawny was forced to leave the BOR. However, he got an immediate job offer from Jerzy Miller, Chairman of the governmental commission for the investigation of the Smolensk crash between 2010 and 2011. Jerzy Miller became Malopolska province’s governor following the 2011 conclusion of the investigation into the Smolensk disaster and hired Paweł Bielawny immediately.

Paweł Bielawny became the "governor’s [Jerzy Miller’s] advisor for the analysis of threats and preventive safety of persons covered by a special protection status." Beginning in July 2013, Paweł Bielawny‬ became the president of the Black Falcon construction company, and soon afterwards, became the head of the Management Board at CSH SA. He is quietly working there, and as of yet, a court date has not even been set for the first hearing on the allegations submitted against him in connection with the Smolensk crash.

With a support group only roughly outlined here, one has to agree with Minister Sienkiewicz that the BOR cannot be reformed. As long as "Tusk has a problem with Smolensk" such reforms will not take place. The silence concerning BOR has been thus far defening. Perhaps, some new recordings will interrupt this silence and further expose the prevelent cronyism, defined by Sienkiewicz as a system paralized by the Stockholm Syndrome.

Portions of this article appeared on the Polish Language website “Pomnik Smolensk”.

Also See: "Witness in the Smolensk Crash Investigation Found Dead"

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Smolensk Spectrometer Screen Dumps

Click on the thumbnails below to view screen dumps from the detectors used to examine the wreckage and seats from the Polish president's plane crash in Smolensk. An "X" denotes the presence of the detected explosive substance and its type. The underlined Polish word "Probka" or "probka" in the screen dump 1 and 2, means "Sample"

Explosives detected on the wreckage and seats from the Polish president's plane crash in Smolensk. An "X" denotes the presence of the detected explosive substance and its type. The underlined Polish word "Probka" or "probka" in the screen dump 1 and 2, means "Sample" - SCREEN DUMP 1 Explosives detected on the wreckage and seats from the Polish president's plane crash in Smolensk. An "X" denotes the presence of the detected explosive substance and its type. The underlined Polish word "Probka" or "probka" in the screen dump 1 and 2, means "Sample" - SCREEN DUMP 2
Explosives detected on the wreckage and seats from the Polish president's plane crash in Smolensk. An "X" denotes the presence of the detected explosive substance and its type. The underlined Polish word "Probka" or "probka" in the screen dump 1 and 2, means "Sample" - SCREEN DUMP 3 Explosives detected on the wreckage and seats from the Polish president's plane crash in Smolensk. An "X" denotes the presence of the detected explosive substance and its type. The underlined Polish word "Probka" or "probka" in the screen dump 1 and 2, means "Sample" - SCREEN DUMP 4
Why did they all fly on the same plane?
Why was the Polish government delegation flying to Smolensk onboard a single aircraft?

Synopsis: January 12, 2013, Toronto, Canada. The wife of the late Deputy-Minister of Culture Tomasz Merta: "What I am about to tell you now, are suspicions - and not even my own - but, rather the [suspicions of the] individuals in the inner-circles of the [Polish] military... I heard a statement that was made - but, I am not taking any responsibility for how credible, or not credible it is. [I heard that] had the generals and journalists' not been re-assigned to different aircraft, it wouldn't have been the Tupolev [Tu-154M], but rather the Casa [transport aircraft] that would have been taken out.

Because the Generals were no longer onboard the Casa, there was no reason for it to get airborne. And for this reason it was the Yak[-40] that flew off to Smolensk. This Casa [transport aircraft] was never examined in any way. It was not subject to any examination. Aside from a single note in the deposition given to the military, no one was interested why this aircraft didn't fly [to Smolensk]. Perhaps, this is someones crazy phantasy, but perhaps it isn't.

Some [Polish] military personnel had suggested, that it [the Casa] had to stay behind at the Okecie military [tarmack], so that the explosives could be removed from it - because they were no longer needed [...] I am only repeating what I was told."

Smolensk Explosives

Types of explosives detected on the president's crashed jet:

C-4 is a common variety of the plastic explosive known as Composition C. Plastic explosive is a soft and hand moldable solid form of explosive material. Within the field of explosives engineering, plastic explosives are also known as putty explosives.

TNT (TriNitroToluene) is a chemical compound with the formula CH3C6H2(NO2)3. This yellow-colored solid is sometimes used as a reagent in chemical synthesis, but it is best known as a useful explosive material with convenient handling properties. The explosive yield of TNT is considered to be the standard measure of strength of bombs and other explosives. TNT is one of the most commonly used explosives for military and industrial applications. It is valued partly because of its insensitivity to shock and friction, which reduces the risk of accidental detonation, compared to other more sensitive high explosives such as nitroglycerin.

RDX (abbr.. Research Department Explosive) is an explosive nitroamine widely used in military and industrial applications. In its pure, synthesized state RDX is a white, crystalline solid. It is often used in mixtures with other explosives and plasticizers, phlegmatizers or desensitizers. RDX is stable in storage and is considered one of the most powerful and brisant of the military high explosives. HMX, also called octogen, is a powerful and relatively insensitive nitroamine high explosive, chemically related to RDX. Like RDX, the compound's name is the subject of much speculation, having been variously listed as High Melting eXplosive, Her Majesty's eXplosive, High-velocity Military eXplosive, or High-Molecular-weight rdX.

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