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Chairman of the Polish Government Re-Investigation Commission of the Crash of Polish Air Force One on April 10, 2010 in Smolensk Russian Image Management by Retired CIA Senior Scientific Intelligene Officer, Eugene Poteat, LL.D Smolensk Crash Disinformation Explosives Found on the wreckage of Polish Air Force One. Coverup by Suicide Smolensk Crash Timeline Smolensk Crash Lie Exposed. Smolensk Crash Victims 9 Questions for Dr. Binienda. Polish president's security was intentionally compromised. Scientific analysis of Smolensk crash points to the invalidity of the official findings. 2014 independent Smolensk Crash Raport: What do we know about Smolensk crash today.

The Silent "Pawns" of Flight MH17 and PLF101

Smolensk Crash News Digest Editorial, July 22, 2014
SCNDSP July 22, 2014

"From Tupolev to Boeing, Serial Terrorist" reads the headline of Poland's influential "Gazeta Polska" slated for publication this comming Wednesday. It will feature articles concerning the tragedy in Ukraine in the context of the Smolensk crash, as well as statements and commentaries from prominent experts in this field.

Left: "From Tupolev to Boeing, Serial Terrorist" reads the headline from Poland's influential "Gazeta Polska" slated for publication this coming Wednesday. It will feature articles concerning the tragedy in Ukraine in the context of the Smolensk crash, as well as statements and commentaries from prominent experts in this field.

Playing the game of chess involves strategy, ingenuity and methodical minds interacting on similar planes of commonalities or in this case the World’s Stage.  Shakespeare’s famous poem, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” resonates.

The heinous act of shooting down the Malaysian MH17 has brought front-row seats to this theatrical stage of world powers: big players, kings, queens, bishops and the so-called expendable, less significant tragedies of the Chess Wars, the “pawns”.  Who are these players and what will be the outcome is not known yet. What is waged, what is won?  Many have died in this display, but to what avail?  Will there be retaliation?  Will there be criminal and civil hearings?  Who will pay the price? Will history be repeated?

History has been repeated and now the world must stand up and take notice, because a “heavy hitting” player has been “taken out” with the downing of the Malaysian MH17. 192 innocent Dutch, 44 Malaysians, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, 4 Brits, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Filipinos, and 1 Canadian, among them women, children, and infants, have been killed in the latest move by the Russian regime.  The demand for an international criminal investigation has been made to the Ukraine President yet State Sponsored Russian Terrorists have contaminated forensic evidence, confiscated the black boxes and began a full-out, staging of hiding the real truth, delaying authorities so evidence and time can blur the facts- giving the Russian regime time to push propaganda upon the public to assuage popular belief. Gathering uncontaminated forensic evidence will be among the challenges and deciphering the Russian deflections of the truth will have to be unearthed.  At the same time, protecting witnesses who support these damning allegations will need to be promontory in the investigation for it is “their” practice to assassinate these witnesses in ways that from the outside look as though their deaths were “accidents” or “suicides”.  –A thug mentality.

The repeated history of criminal behavior is evident in a parallel incident from 2010. This downing of the Polish PLF 101 takes on an uncanny resemblance of the downing of the Malaysian MH17.  The table below illustrates. The commonalities are poignant and begin not to look just theoretical when pointing at where the onus of guilt lies.


Malaysian Airlines MH17-July 18th, 2014


Polish Government PLF 101-April 10th, 2010

Plane is shot down by the “unidentified”, “disorganized”, “drunk”, “stateless separatists”, or “rebels”.


Plane is “accidentally” downed by “supernatural armored birch tree”, after “drunk” Polish general exerted pressure on “untrained pilots” forcing them to “land at all cost”. See Dr. Wieslaw Binienda Presentation

Presumed crash cause: State-Sponsored Terrorism, Ground-to-Air Missile


Presumed crash cause: Independently ascertained cause is multiple explosions onboard.  (See detection of explosives here and here)

298 civilians die.


The Polish President, Cabinet and First Lady, all 96 souls onboard die.

Black boxes found within hours of crash, confiscated by “separatists” (presumably altered by Russian intelligence services), and then returned after a number of days. The black boxes are not likely to have overtly registered explosion related to the missile hitting the plane.


Black boxes found within hours of the crash, than "lost" (presumably examined, and altered), then “found” and re-deposited at the crash site to be “officially found” in front of the cameras.  After the “discovery” they are confiscated by the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC/MAK), and never returned to Poland.  Poland receives a number of inconsistent “digital copies” the originals are kept in Moscow.

Final disposition of the aircraft remains:  to be seen


Final disposition of the aircraft remains: In the tender embraces of Vladimir Putin, never returned to Poland; as of this writing for 1,564 days.

Crime scene contaminated and unprotected


Bodies and belongings of victims are haphazardly gathered. Bystanders able to sift through luggage at crash site. Personal belongings including computers, jewelry, cellphones, and credit cards are stolen; the crash-site is looted, and is unprotected. 

Aircraft remains are dismantled, cut, deformed, crashed, moved. Cockpit is cut with power saws.


Aircraft remains are dismantled, cut, deformed, crashed, moved.  Cockpit at first located, than vanished. (See the destruction of evidence and crash-site contamination footage courtesy of Anita Gargas).

Denial of international investigation. Access to evidence gathering and analysis at the crash site likely to remain obscured and foiled.


Impartial international investigation at first delayed, then obscured, and never conducted.

Disinformation Campaign: Russian Denial/deflection of guilt, "Separatists” at fault


Disinformation Campaign:  Russian Denial/deflection of guilt, “untrained pilots”, “drunk Polish general”, “supernatural armored birch tree”

Bodies desecrated.  The victims’ remains are left unprotected and begin to decompose.  A number of bodies (approximately 37) are transported into unknown location immediately after the crash. Under international pressure Russian “separatists” relinquish control of the bodies.


Bodies desecrated during Russian “autopsies”, victims misidentified and sent to Poland in sealed coffins. Independent autopsies forbidden by Polish government (see Michael Baden interview) under the threat of Russian law and criminal prosecution.  Victims buried in wrong graves. Photos of mutilated body of President Lech Kaczynski and others “leaked” by Russia on the internet.

To be seen


Witnesses “die”, commit “suicide”- eliminated, Independent scientists intimidated, fired, receive death threats.


According to the most recent reports, after falling from the altitude of app. 33,000 feet, the remains of the victims found at the crash site are for the most part intact.


The great majority of victims falling from the altitude of app. 30 (thirty) feet are for the most part unrecognizable. See Dr. Gregory Szuladzinski Analysis.

The Polish genocide- like massacre was the first large scale, unseen, atrocity committed by this Russian regime, motivated by the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski uniting Europe. But because the world did not take notice, the crime was perpetuated again on other innocents. The authors and orchestrators of both of these crimes need to be brought to justice, and given just punishment as prescribed by international crime tribunals, who represent the current justice system of our World.  Without this recourse what are we but Machiavellian barbarians.

History repeats itself.  Criminals commit crimes over and over again with the same repeated behaviors/ modus operandi. The current appearance of sending in military to stabilize the area is a ploy to throw-off the public view and pro-Putin supporters, from the guilt of this crime, by showing intervention in the warring crash site so investigators can make their efforts uninterrupted. Russia has sponsored, funded, supplied and commanded these “separatists”.  Sending troops in is posturing.  Not taking up the responsibility of finding the truth to these killings is unconscionable, giving carte blanche to the criminals to repeat their offenses.

The “seventh” stage of our Shakespearean poem depicts the final stage of man on earth, where man grows extremely old and senile.  Will man lose his rational power and become forgetful and helpless?  If we allow the “pawns” of life to go unavenged without promoting change, by judicially assigning guilt to the parties due, we will remain stagnant, regressing into an apathetic stupor.


"Separatist", "Rebel" - uniformed member of Russian military, member of Russian military intelligence, GRU, FSB, SVR, Spetznaz special forces wearing no recognizable emblem or insignia.

"Separatist-controlled area" - A geographic area or territory under direct control and supervision of Russian military command and control, and under the jurisdiction of the commander and chief of Russian Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin.

"Chaos", "Mess", "Disorganized" - Choreographed appearance of confusion and lack of organization, leading one to believe that any positive result is good, or good enough.

"Accident" or "mistake" - the premeditated downing of Polish government TU-154M, Flight PLF101 & Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 by state actors.

"something may have been obtained from Russia" or was “confiscated by the ‘separatists’” - Sophisticated ground to air system manufactured, and delivered by Russia to its units in Eastern Ukraine along with highly-trained personnel.

“expert” - propagandist


Ad hominem

Appeal to emotion

Argument from authority

Bare assertion (Ipse dixit)

Cherry picking

Circular reasoning

Confirmation bias

Denying the antecedent


False attribution

False dilemma

Faulty generalization

Furtive fallacy

Incomplete comparison

Irrelevant conclusion

Kettle logic

Loaded language

Misleading vividness

Name calling

Nirvana fallacy

Non sequitur

Parade of horribles

Poisoning the well

Post Hoc

Quote mining


Red herring


Slothful induction

Straw man

Texas sharpshooter fallacy

Thought terminating cliché

Three men make a tiger

Wrong direction

See samples of specific disinformation examples here.


The Editorial Staff of Smolensk Crash News Digest wishes to express its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.  May you have solace in that the truth of this tragedy will be found.

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"Russian Image Management"

The trip to Smolensk was expected to highlight Russia finally admitting culpability in the massacre, after long having blamed it on the Germans, an atrocity they had tried to conceal for over 70 years.

Eugene Poteat, retired CIA Senior Scientific Intelligence Officer.

As for the reception committee, it had different ideas. Putin wasn’t looking forward to such an occasion. Into this poisonous reception brew was President Kaczynski’s well-known public criticism of Moscow and Putin, a habit that has ended the lives of others within Russia – and abroad. A few discouraging Russian requirements – that Kaczynski could not attend in any official capacity – did not halt the Poles. Kaczynski would go anyway on non-official, “personal” business. To Russians, such a distinction would be meaningless, not lessening the possible international excoriation of such an event. A problem ripe for a modern, Russian solution: a tragic, ‘natural’ accident.

Read more here

2014 Smolensk Crash Investigation Report Update
Eugene Poteat, retired CIA Senior Scientific Intelligence Officer.

Early morning on April 10, 2010, the Polish Governmental Airplane Tu-154M (“Polish Air Force One”) departed from Warsaw, Poland, to Smolensk, Russia, carrying on board the highest level delegation of the Republic of Poland for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre. The official delegation consisted of the President of Poland, First Lady, all members of the Central Command of the Polish Armed Forces, parliamentary, government and Church officials, and representatives of the families of the Katyn victims. Upon entering the airspace of the Military Airdrome “Severny” in Smolensk, Russia, the Polish pilot made one reconnaissance approach to landing. At the decision altitude, he chose not to land and issued a command to “go around.” Seconds later, the Polish Air Force One crashed. The entire Polish delegation of the highest level perished less than a mile from the Severny Airdrome in Smolensk, Russia. All 96 people on board were killed; there were no survivors ("Smolensk Crash").

Within minutes of the crash, the international media announced that pilot error led to the crash of the Polish Air Force One. This irresponsible rush to conclusion stands in contradiction to a well-known rule that whenever the head of state dies in a plane crash the probability of sabotage is increased. This principle was proclaimed, inter alia, in the Russian response to the investigation of the 1986 crash that killed President Samora Machel of Mozambique. The history teaches that when the head of state dies in the airplane crash, invariably the sabotage is involved. The history also teaches that initial investigations of high profile plane crashes tend to be conducted under undue political pressure. Transparent and impartial in-depth investigations are possible only years later.

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The Smolensk Lesson

While some Russian intellectuals and people in Central and Eastern Europe are alarmed by the Russian imperialistic ambitions of building “a new world order,” the West is utterly confused. In order to properly understand and evaluate the threat that Russia poses today, an unhindered analysis of the Russian behavior over the past decade is necessary. Unfortunately, due to the omnipresent policy of reset that forced Western media to abandon in-depth reporting on Russian hostility towards its neighbors, critical developments that took place in the regions bordering Russia over the past decade have not been reported at all or only favorably to Russia.

Among such key events is the political situation in Poland since 2007, with its central event - the crash of the Polish Air Force One in Smolensk, Russia, in April of 2010 that claimed the lives of the President of Poland, the entire Central Command of the Polish Armed Forces, and the patriotic leadership of the Polish society. Any analysis of the political context of this crash as well as any discussion of the problems with the investigation into this tragedy have been systematically suppressed by the Western media in order not to upset Russia. Consequently, the lack of knowledge about Russian behavior in connection with the Smolensk tragedy impairs judgment of the American public on current Russian behavior in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Read more here

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